Company Profile

Welcome to company profile- Satish soap and satish detergents which is incorporated in the year 1989,is the leading manufacturers of soaps,detergents and other household itemsand has established itself as a well repected ,well reputed brand “RUPA” which is known for providing its esteemed customers with hogh quality products which in turnsleads to great customer satisfaction.with increasing demand of household products,the company diversified itself into producing liquid detergent,liquid dishwash and floor cleaner.


Our mission is to excel in our field of soaps and deteregents, through continuously providing our esteemed customers with higher quality products at attractive rates. Keeping in mind the interest of the stakeholders try to achieve higher profitability by efficient and dedicated working. To be able to make India’s presence felt in the global arena. To set a benchmark for newer upcoming companies to inspire them to be able to move forward.


To be the leader in the domestic as well as the global markets through sincere and dedicated efforts of the staff management and employees. - Satish soaps and detergents is a customer-focused firm committed to consistently offer better quality products and services that maximise value to the customer.
This customer-centric philosophy has been well emphasised through:

Continuously exploring & developing new products & processes.
● Laying emphasis on cost effectiveness.
● Maintaining effective Quality Management System.
● Complying with safety, environment and social obligations.
● Imparting training to all involved on a continuous basis.
● Teamwork and active participation all around.
● Demonstrating belongingness and exemplary behaviour towards organisation, its goals and objectives.

Satish soaps and detergents is a phenomenon and synonymous with Value for Money. The brand transcends the specific dynamic of any particular product category, which is best captured in its above mission statement - a statement of sustained innovation, an unceasing effort to deliver better value to consumers, through better product quality.